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by Snakey
Apr 28, 2013 11:12:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Clan Info

Herb list, List of important cats, warrior code, current plots ect. posted here.

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8 9 Name Claim
by Snakey
May 11, 2013 14:58:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Annoucements

Really important announcements will be made here, so check back often.

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3 4 Welcome Table or Side Bars? *vote*
by Snakey
May 9, 2013 19:13:12 GMT -5

Character Creation

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No New Posts Registration

This is the place where you get to create you own cat. Tell us what they look like, act and their history. This is good so you can plan out and become your cat. All cats must have a Biography if you want to play them in the clan. Please make sure to fill out the BIO form and get the passy from the rules.

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2 2 Bio Form *Please Use*
by Snakey
Apr 28, 2013 12:20:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Accepted

After an admin has looked at you biography and it gets the big okay, it will be placed here so we can see how many cats are in each clan. Also for everyone to view there fellow clan mates.

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Sub-boards: Accepted Shadowclan Bios, Accepted Riverclan Bios, Accepted Windclan Bios, Accepted Thunderclan Bios, Accepted Rogue, Loner and Kittypet Bios, Starclan Bios

33 59 Snowstorm // Ratclaw
by Jade
Sept 30, 2013 5:05:28 GMT -5

IC Discussion

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No New Posts Character Storage

Every user is allowed one thread to store all their characters.

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6 10 sinister grin
by Cheshire
May 9, 2013 16:13:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Plots

Do you're plotting here~

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5 9 Plot With Me~!
by Snakey
May 6, 2013 19:02:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Adoption Center

Have kits to give away? Characters you're no longer fond of? Put them up for adoption here. Make sure to use the form.

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No New Posts Auditions

Auditions for high ranks will be posted here.

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Sub-boards: Thunderclan Auditions, Shadowclan Auditions, Riverclan Auditions, Windclan Auditions, Archives

9 28 Riverclan Leader Auditions
by Snakey
May 26, 2013 9:08:57 GMT -5


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No New Posts Thunderclan Camp

ThunderClan camp is situated at the foot of a dry, sandy ravine and sheltered by thornbushes, which makes it hard to attack and easy to defend. The entrance is well hidden and was formed from an ancient river, as was the Highrock inside. Tall ferns and trees keep the birds of prey out while still allowing the sun in. Near the ravine is a small spring, which is a perfect water source, close and accessable. ThunderClan cats are known best for their fierceness and bravery, and they have a stronger build than most of the other clan cats. They are respectful to other clans, but are not afraid to speak they're mind and challenge the warrior code.

Sub-boards: High Rock, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warrior's Den, Apprentice's Den, Nursery, Elder's Den, Clearing

1 3 For Those Below [ Rowanpaw ]
by Deleted
May 9, 2013 23:30:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Sandy Hollow

This hollow lies in the midst of overgrowing oak and rowan trees. The ground is lightly covered with brown sand, making it an ideal place to train young apprentices. Many of the warriors do train their apprentices here in battle training, though not much prey can be found right nearby. The trees filetr the sunlight, but there is always enough light in the hollow. It slopes upwards on the sides, and there are berry bushes where cats can easily hide if threatened. A small stream runs by the hollow, but the ice isn't very thick in the winter.

1 9 Training Team (TC Apprentice/Mentors)
by Snakey
May 20, 2013 21:16:24 GMT -5
No New Posts Snake Rocks

The Snake Rocks are aptly named, for there is an abundance of poisonous snakes- mostly adders- that live here. This isn't an ideal place to train young apprentices, but if you're lucky, you may find something to eat here. The rocks are granite, and they slope upwards. The summit isn't too high, but it's still a good vantage point if you're on the lookout. Trees such as elms and maples grow around here, sheltering all but the center of the rocks from the harsh reality of the elements.

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No New Posts Sunningrocks

These rocks are long slabs of rough granite that has been gently worn down by the tide of the river. Now they're actually quite smooth and warm. Covered by lichen, these rocks are a prime hunting spot. They are often disputed over by RiverClan and ThunderClan. Voles, mice and fish can be caught here. Towering oaks line the edges of these rocks, sharing their shade with the forest creatures. Cats also go here just to relax and sun themselves in the nice, warm sun.

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No New Posts Tallpines

In the middle of the ThunderClan woods stands a tall copse of trees, like a dying spot in the middle of a lush paradise. Tall red and white pine trees stand about. There aren't many of them, but it can be an intimidating sight. Their needles lie on the ground and prick the pads of unfortunate cats. In Leafbare, the Twolegs take their monsters here and start to uproot some of the trees. Some mice and rabbits can be caught here.

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No New Posts Woods

The woods make up the largest part of ThunderClan territory. They're filled with all the trees imaginable, whether they be birches and poplars or oaks and rowans. A lot of small animals can be caught here, though mostly mice, voles and rabbits. The occasional bird, such as a starling or a pigeon, can also be captured. The leafy canopy is not that thick, so the ThunderClan cats still get a lot of sunlight. The forest is carpeted with soft grass, so for them, it is easy to step without making a sound.

1 1 The Birds and the Bees (open~)
by oddi
May 21, 2013 15:55:52 GMT -5


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No New Posts Riverclan Camp

The Riverclan camp is an island situated in the middle of the river which gives the clan its name. This island is surrounded by reeds and its location makes it fairly easy to defend because invading clans are forced to attack from the water. Stepping stones provide slightly easier access for cats, particularly during winter months where dropping into the freezing river can mean death. However, after a heavy rain, the stepping stones - and the Riverclan camp - are often underwater. Riverclan has had a history of being forced to evacuate in heavy storms. As Riverclan primarily hunts fish, it is not difficult to hunt directly from camp. Riverclan dens are either structures of mud and reeds, as with the warrior and apprentice dens, or hollows made in thick clumps of reeds, as with all other dens.

Sub-boards: Elder's Den, Clearing, Smooth Stone, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Warrior's Den, Nursery, Apprentice's Den

1 9 As the River Flows and Clouds Darken :: Open
by wolfkitten
Sept 1, 2014 15:02:33 GMT -5
No New Posts River

The river is long and lazy, winding between ThunderClan and RiverClan with ease. It's not too wide, but it would still soak the bellies of those who dared cross it. Beeches and willows grow along the edges, overhanging the cold water. Further down are stepping stones, but RiverClan cats don't need them. Expert swimmers, they use the river to catch fish such as salmon and pike. The trees shelter voles and mice which wander all too often into the claws of a hunting cat. The banks are line with mud and tall green and yellow reeds. The bottom of the river is sandy in parts, while quite rough and jagged in others. In some places, the river is deep, while in others, it's easy to cross if you know what you're doing. It proves a good border, easily keeping out ThunderClan cats who are hesitant to get their feet wet. Though the river is generally cold- good for a dip in greenleaf- it can occasionally be warm.

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No New Posts Grassy Clearing

This clearing is Riverclan's main training area for fighting and hunting. It's a grassy clearing surrounded by young birch trees. The ground here is sandy in places, and the grass swishes softly in the wind. This clearing is well lit and not too far from camp. On one side of the clearing is a fallen log covered in soft green moss and slowly rotting away.

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No New Posts Rock Pool

Down river from the Riverclan camp is a shallow, clear pool sheltered by massive sandstone boulders. It's a wide, long pool, where the river flows lazily. The current is very slow and fish often are found swimming in the shallows here. In some places the rocks lean out over the pool, creating shadey spots where the water is remarkably cold, but in the sunny spots it's very warm and pleasent.

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No New Posts Willow Grove

This is a grove toward the far border of Riverclan territory, sheltered by tall willows. During leaf-bare this is Riverclan's main hunting ground. During greenleaf this area is sheltered and cool, thus teeming with prey like birds and mice. The ground is soft grasses and mosses, and lichens cover crowding of rocks that seem to fall hear and there about the bases of the willows. A shadey spot, it's often a popular spot for cats who want to get out of the sun.

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No New Posts Gorge

A huge gorge marks the RiverClan border with WindClan. There is a brief transition between reedy marshes and open, grassy mores before this gorge. The land becomes drier and rather rocky. This gorge is dangerous, and at the bottom is a swiftly flowing branch of the river. Even the strongest RiverClan swimmer would be easily swept away. The gorge splits the land until fairly close to Fourtrees, where it narrows out and becomes shallower, and the source of this water - a spring bubbling out between two rocks and then falling down the length of the gorge - is visible. The gorge is impassable unless a cat wishes to completely go around it by way of Fourtrees. Invaders from the WindClan side are fairly thoroughly blocked out, and RiverClan cats can easily guard the several foxlengths between the gorge's end and Fourtrees.

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No New Posts Shadowclan Camp

Settled in between a large depression of pine trees, ShadowClan camp lays. Ferns and other shrubbery keep it hidden within their leaves, making it immune to most predators, which is why ShadowClan doesn't have main predators settling on their land. A large tunnel made out of brush and vines leads to the outside of ShadowClan, where any cat could be protected, but only for a while. The pine trees cover most cats who decide to leave camp, shedding the aroma of pine needles. Dark dirt mostly is the ground for the ShadowClanners, however, grass can be found in large quantities in the summertime. Most of the homes for the ShadowClan cats are in caves, burrows underground, or even in decayed tree trunks. Because of the trees, in the winter time most cats don't have to fret about snow plummeting straight into their camp, rather snow in small sections in the center of camp. Probably their most clear concern would be twolegs, because their nesting grounds are not as distanced as they come to realize it.

Sub-boards: Clearing, The Stump, Leader's Den, Elder's Den, Nursery, Medicine Cat's Den, Warrior's Den, Apprentice's Den

1 6 LFG (Open)
by Snakey
May 20, 2013 20:44:58 GMT -5
No New Posts Marsh

The marsh is always wet and never seems to dry up, it covers little less than Half of ShadowClan territory. This is a good place to hunt for frogs and water snakes. It's extremely muddy and it takes forever to clean your fur after coming here. This is why most ShadowClan cats try to stay away from here as much as they can. The water here is to thick with mud to drink and can make you very sick. There are sometimes soft spots in the mud which may sink and cave in. Shadowclan apprentices are traditionally taught of these spots so that they know how to avoid them. The reeds of this marsh are tall enough to obscure a cat completely, and they allow for excellent ambushes - both for and against ShadowClan. However, the cats of ShadowClan are very accustomed to such terrain and have become experts in reading the slightest twitch of a reed, the faintest rustling. The cats of the clan also may catch frogs and small marsh sparrows and wrens in these marshy areas. Occasionally they will find straying rodents as well.

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No New Posts Fern Clearing

Named because of its abundance in ferns, the clearing is a large place veiled by pine trees. A small pond lies nearby, but is too small to have any prey. However, the woods are popular for hunting, and crows, starling, and vole can be seen commonly. The surface underground is mostly dirt and grass. It is keenly used as a hunting spot, for its wide range of sources for training. It also is convenient because its located not too far from the borders, so its easier to show apprentices the boundaries without having to travel a long way. The only downside about the clearing and forest is that if any predator attacks, you wouldn't be able to run for a long distance or dodge all of the pine trees that stand in the way until camp is reached. Luckily, predators are very rarely seen here. Almost never.

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No New Posts Dry Uplands

The drier upland area of Shadowclan sits along the backside of their territory. Sparsely tree covered and lush with grass and brambles, this is a prime hunting spot for Shadowclan, though it is often disused because of the favor placed on the marsh. However lots of battle training happenes here, and it's a nice place to find herbs if you're a medicine cat.

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No New Posts Clear Stream

This clear stream comes out from under the Thunderpath and trickles into Shadowclan territory. One of the few places to find fresh water, it's feircely guarded from all pollutants by the Shadowclan cats. It's bank is covered by soft moss and smooth stones, sheltered on either side by thorn bushes. Sometimes small fish swim here.

1 2 Whispers on the Wind :: Jade & Snakey
by Jade
May 24, 2013 22:49:58 GMT -5
No New Posts Pine Woodlands

Many pine trees are scattered about through the pine woodlands, as well as dirt and the common grass sprouting up from the ground. Any cat could get lost in this maze of pines, but it's easy if you know your way. Crows, voles, squirrels, mice, and magpie are the common creatures that reside in these woods. The woodlands are a main resource for hunting, and have water sources spread throught the territory, although some are algae invested, or just dried up patches of foul water. Patrolling is also good to be done here, since the woodlands are the closest to the border.

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No New Posts Windclan Camp

WindClan camp is situated within a steep hill, and the high walls provide shelter from most weather, and predators. Tall grass, brush, and shrubbery provide a form of confinement. However, it is easy for any living cat to slip away because of the fern tunnel that leads to bare valley uplands. To their advantage, an old, decayed willow tree sits just above camp. It's long, thick branches provide a canopy from most birds and such looking for easy prey. Most cats dig tunnels for their nests, others use the dug out caves or cragged hillsides as a form of security and shelter. WindClanners are agile and lean, and are best known for their hunting skills on the vast moors that make up the outskirts of WindClan.

Sub-boards: Warrior and Apprentice Dens, Clearing, The Burnt Log, Leader's Den, Medicine Cat's Den, Nursery and Elder's Den

2 4 Looming Shadow :: Important Clan Meeting All Cats
by Jade
Jul 8, 2013 16:02:35 GMT -5
No New Posts Hidden Pond

Down a gentle incline in the plains is a small pond. It is hidden on one side because of the incline and the other because there is a larger cliff there. The cliff trail is littered with pebbles and loose boulders, making it very dangerous. The pond itself is barely visible from far away. The war is cool and deep, though not too deep. The pond is a relief for tired and thirsty cats. Tall beechs provide relief from the sun in Greenleaf and from the snow in Leafbare.

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No New Posts Rock Piles

These piles of rock sit in the dip of the platue of Windclan's territory. Comprised of some very large boulders and a tumbling of smaller boulders and rocks dappling the hillside. Grasses and weeds spring up inbetween the cracks and grooves between the different piles. Mice and shrews hide in the cracks, but the rocks here are too round and craggy to be used like Sunningrocks. One lone treen reachs up, twisted and scared, in the center of this grouping.

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No New Posts Plains

A vast part of Windclan are its Yellow Plains, which stretch clear across to the end of Windclan. Grass, brush, and few boulders make up the plains. Prey can be found hidden in the tall grasses, or even under boulders. Dried up patches of once water sources are also found here, so be careful not to paw them, because you may just sink your paws into the soggy remnants. The Yellow Plains is used mainly for patrolling and hunting, but once you reach the highlands, the wind picks up to where it might be harder to catch such easy prey. Because of its few trees, and also because of the highland winds, animals seek no shelter here. But because of the tall grasses, rabbits and crows like to find food here, knowing that for a while they won't be spotted by upcoming predators; little do they know, Windclan cats are more clever than they think, and in no time the cats will be swishing their tails with delight, clasping a rabbit in their jaws.

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No New Posts Old Tree

Standing in the middle of the plains is a gnarled old tree. It is below a slight rise in the open moor, giving it a little bit of shade from the sun. The tree is an oak, but so twisted that it is barely recognizable. Around it is a ring of sand, soft and harmless. Warriors bring their apprentices here to train, and it is also a good place to hunt for small animals that have taken shelter behind the tree. The tree has been here for as long as the Clans came remember. Not even the elders say differently.

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No New Posts Thunderpath Hedges

In times when the rabbits and birds aren't abundant on the plains, Windclan cats seek prey among the hedges and brush lining the Thunderpath near the Moonstone. These hedges are thick and only the small, lithe shapes of Windclan can navigate them easily. But under these bushes, snow is kept at bay and mice take shelter here. There is alos a large catmint bush here.

1 3 Borderline Warrior :: Hatchwhisker & Nemesis
by Jade
Jul 19, 2013 21:38:40 GMT -5

Unclaimed Lands

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No New Posts Fourtrees

Four massive oaks stand in a circle around a sandy hollow. The hollow is almost directly in the middle of the four Clans. Every full moon, cats from each Clan gather here under a truce. The stars shine brightly and so does the moon, to show that StarClan is always watching. The light filteres softly through the oak leaves, making this beautiful hollow dark yet light at the same time. A few voles come here occasionally, but it isn't that big of a prey spot.

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No New Posts Thunderpath

Cats call this the Thunderpath because of the noise that the monsters make when they zoom by. It runs between Shadowclan and Thunderclan, and turns on to Shadowclan's other border by the Carrionplace. It's grey and hot, always stick. Cats have gotten hit here by monsters, so you need to be careful. The banks of the Thunderplath are covered with pebbly sand. it is raised slightly from the ground, and cats fear to cross it.

Sub-board: Secret Tunnel

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No New Posts HighStones

These mountains border the edge of Windclan territory, seperated from the moor by a long and dark Thunderpath. They're not too tall, but still a ominous sight for eyes that have not yet passed this way before. HighStones is home to the Moonstone, a place where the forest Clans can communicate with Starclan. If you enter through Mothermouth, and go down a long tunnel, you will find the bright crystal.

3 17 Foxstars 9 Chances At Life {HP SC ONLY}
by Hoot
May 19, 2013 2:02:46 GMT -5

Twoleg Place

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No New Posts Abandoned Farm

This farm is situated near the Windclan border. Mice and rats are abundant here and the floor of the barn is blanketed with old hay. The roof of the barn is still fairly intact, so it shelters from the rain.

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No New Posts Graveyard

This graveyard is yet on the outskirts of Twoleg Place, near the Shadowclan border. Many rogues and loners take refuge here and rats are abundant. However watchout for Shadowclan patrols. Kittypet's stray here in search of cheap thrills.

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No New Posts City Park

This park is situated in the center of Twoleg Place. Rogues and Loners sometimes live here and Kittypet's often meet and play here. There is a Twolege play structure here, many bushes and some trees. Sometimes you can find prey here, but beware of dogs.

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No New Posts Kittypet Fence

This fence runs along the edge of Thunderclan's territory. Sometimes kittypet's will come here to look out at the forest and wonder about the bloodthirsty forest cats. There is an expanse of grass between the forest and kittypet fence that is no clan land.

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No New Posts General Chat

Talk about anything here but keep it PG-13

Sub-boards: Guides & Tutorials, Creativity, Games

1 19 Start A Rumour About The Person Above You
by Cheshire
May 13, 2013 1:24:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Graphic's Shops

Want to give away some graphics? Post you're shop here. *Note: You cannot sell graphics here for money or anything else here, this is only for free graphics*

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No New Posts Absences

If you're going to be away for a while, let people know here.

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No New Posts Advertise

Anyone can advertise here. We currently DO take affliates. *Guest friendly*

Sub-board: Affiliate

52 53 The Wild Side, An Original Warrior Roleplay
by sakuratree
Nov 10, 2017 19:04:17 GMT -5
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All old and dead threads will go here.

1 19 The Snooping Mind :: Hatchwhisker & Duskstar
by Snakey
May 9, 2013 20:44:18 GMT -5

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